How can I get a Free Box?

It's easy!  If you are subscribed to a plan, fill out the refer a friend form. When your friend signs up for the yearly plan, both of you will receive a free box! Woo hoo! Thanks for being a part of the Top Crate community.

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When will I get my T-shirts?

T-shirts are delivered twice a month; the 10th and 20th of every month. If those dates happen to be on the weekend, we will send your box out the Friday before or Monday after.

What graphics will be on my shirts?

This is the best part about Top Crate! You tell us your style, your hobbies, & what makes you, you! We create fun and stylish graphic designs tailored to your personality.


What if my graphic tee style changes a few months down the road?

Not a problem, everyone changes! Simply log in to your account, click "My Profile", click "edit" under the My Address section. Select the check boxes under categories that interest you.

If you are still having trouble, fill out a contact us form and we will figure out the details together.

I accidentally picked the wrong size for my subscription.

No worries, this happens sometimes. Follow the steps from the question above and this will allow you to change size preference.